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Reduce symptoms, stress and anxiety,  reduce pain, speed healing, promote peace and deep relaxation. 

*Now offering support for animals in shelters, rescue foundations etc. contact for personalized arrangements to be made if you have animals specifically in these environments requiring additional care. 

Great for:

Animals in shelters, foster care

Post-surgery, illness recovery

Separation Anxiety

Behavioural Concerns

Injuries (alongside veterinary treatment)

Illness, cancer, disease symptom support and general alleviation of symptoms*

Mood or depression*

Lost of missing animals 

Animals who have crossed over

Animals experiencing loss

Towards situation as a whole involving family, animals, or situation

Terminally ill animals

Can strengthen immune system

*Results dependent on animal, treatment, situation and any healing provided will go towards highest good for the animal.  Not to be used as a substitute for veterinary care where recommended. 



  •  Reiki is an ancient, gentle and non-invasive energy healing practice that channels life force energy to aid in emotional, physical and mental ailments.

  • "Rei" means Universal Life or Spirit and "Ki" refers to the vital life force energy we all have within and around us (including animals).  Reiki is therefore, using the Universal Life Force Energy to heal us. 

  • It can be safely offered in person and via a distance from anywhere in the world. 

    It can:

  • reduce side effects of other treatments and modalities or illness, disease

  • can heal on a deep spiritual and emotional level

  • can resolve emotional and physical impacts caused by "blocks" or imbalances in the body 

  • support the energetic balance in the body

  • ease tension, reduce stress and anxiety.

  • activates their parasympathetic nervous system

  • helps to release energetic stagnation in the body that may be causing disharmony on any level

  • Reiki will always provide healing, changes or impacts of the highest good and be directed to where it is most needed.  Through reiki,  aspects inhibiting full healing can be resolved and sometimes unexpected and miraculous ways. 

  • Any insights that come through will be shared. 

    Examples of Healing:

  • If you have a lost or missing animal, Reiki can be sent towards the animal, family and situation as a whole to provide a peaceful resolution. 

  • An animal post-surgery can benefit from reiki to promote deep relaxation, reduce any anxiety to allow for deeper healing.  It can* reduce pain, and suffering in various regards. 

  • If a new animal has been brought into or out of the home, and is experiencing emotional upset, turmoil or difficulty coping, Reiki can be sent to promote harmony, dissolving of blocks or further understanding of situation to promote harmony. 

  • If an animal experiencing separation anxiety, Reiki can be provided to alleviate their symptoms, provide clarity to the situation, and promote calm and wellbeing and general healing over time. 

  • *Sometimes a variety or series of treatments are required to obtain necessary results dependent on situation. 

    A Healing Story

  • Reiki was sent to an animal experiencing some discomfort, unease and general feelings of being unwell.  It was unclear by the owner what the animal needed outside of general comfort and support.  A period after the session occurred, the owner uncovered a previously undiscovered paw injury and subsequently took the animal to the vet where it was tended to and any discomfort could be alleviated.  In this case; reiki did not just alleviate general pain - it actually worked miraculously by taking someone to it's source for a resolution previously unexpected!  

Animal Healing Services

Image by Anna Dudkova

Anthony Williams

"When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being, I see a friend. I feel a soul."



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